Here you can download our Lite Client.

Ecchi-RO-Lite Client(~580 MB) Self extracting RAR
Released: 2017.01.06

You need a updated KRO Client to use our Small Client.
You can get the KRO Client at

Here you can download our Full Client.
We did all that downloading from RMS already ;-)

Ecchi-RO-Full Part 1(~ 700 MB) Self extracting RAR
Ecchi-RO-Full Part 2(~ 700 MB)
Ecchi-RO-Full Part 3(~ 700 MB)
Ecchi-RO-Full Part 4(~ 700 MB)
Ecchi-RO-Full Part 5(~ 560 MB)
Released: 2017.01.06

Just download all parts into a new and empty folder and start "Part1" to get it unpacked.